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Reports based on custom conditions

Conditional Reports for assets, enable you to generate custom reports based on various conditions.

Date-based conditions

Dates conditions can be set to match periods (past, or future) and duration. For example, you can generate reports for warranties expiring in 3 days.

Numeric conditions

Numeric conditions can be set to match numerical values in your data. For example, you can generate reports for assets that cost more than $100.

Textual conditions

Reports can be generated for items that either contain, begin with or end with certain characters. For example, you can generate reports for assets with location names that begin with “n”.

Arithmetic conditions

You can generate reports after an arithmetic calculation has been performed. For example, you could generate a report that has “unit price” multiplied by “quantity”, and the result is less than 200.

Generating custom reports

To generate custom reports, go to ReportsAssets Reports, then choose Custom Reports.

From the setting fields at the top of the page, choose the desired parameters starting from left to right.

  • Choose where the source of the reports, e.g All Assets.
  • Under Search For, choose the conditions for matching the results.
  • Under Search In, choose what custom field the search should be made in.
  • Under Group Results By, choose how the results should be presented. For better graphical presentation, choose what grouping would make the results smaller.

If the search yields any result, there will be graphical reports, and textual ones on a table.

Examplessearch results for Asset Value greater than 150, with results grouped by Asset Name

Reports can be exported by going to the options section.

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