Bulk Editing Data

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It’s possible to edit multiple records at once. There are two methods for doing this.

Exporting and Re-importing Data

If the service you are using supports data import from a CSV file, you can export the data first, then make the changes you want, and finally re-import it.

As long as the barcode/ NFC tag ID remains the same, existing records will be updated.

On the tables, go to Options > Export.


After that, make your changes then re-import the data. Go to Import from CSV.

Partial Record Changes

In cases where you want some Data Capture fields to have identically the same data, but the rest to remain as they are, use the Edit feature from the top of the tables.

We recommend first exporting your file (Options > Export), just in case you want to undo the changes.


After that, select the items you want to edit, then click on the Edit button on top of the table.

On the new page, you will notice a trash icon beside or at the bottom the input fields.

Trash icon

Click on that trash icon to remove the fields that you don’t want to change. This part is important.

You should only leave the fields that you want to edit. Changes in this field will be applied to all the items you selected earlier.