How to set up Autocomplete using Google Sheets

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This feature will create a searchable dropdown, with the searchable options coming from a Google Sheet.

This is useful for cases where data shown in the search options may change frequently.

For example, if you have a spreadsheet with the data below, you can search for the name of the street.

In your data capture settings, enter the title of the row with the data you want to be searched. In this example, it’s “street”.

Choose the Answer Type, “Autocomplete Google Sheets”, then enter the shareable URL of the file.

On Google sheets, make your file accessible by going to the File menu > Publish To TheWeb. Note – if your data is sensitive, use a different data capture function such as “Autocomplete Custom URL” instead of “Autocomplete Google Sheet”.

Once you’ve saved the data capture setting, then navigate to the relevant form, you will see a dropdown like the one below.

As you start typing, the Google sheet will be searched, and the matched data presented in the dropdown options.