Managing Groups

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Groups Overview

Grouping is a feature on the platform that allows you to have assets or inventories belong to a category. This category can then be used for viewing or processing alike data.

Depending on the service that you’re using, go to Manage Assets > Tagged Assets or Manage Inventory > Inventory.

Under Action, go to Manage Groups.

Creating and making changes to groups

On the Manage Groups page, you can create new groups, view the existing ones, or delete them.

Adding items to the group

To add items to the group, click on Edit, then choose the assets/inventory items to add.

Alternatively, whilst on the assets or inventory table, you can choose the asset/inventory items then click on Add To Groups.

An asset or inventory can belong to multiple groups.

Removing items from the group

To remove items from the group, find the correct group, click on Edit under its Action column, then choose the assets/inventory items to remove.