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Purchase Orders Notification


This notification type can be used for sending email alerts when a shipment is due for delivery or is overdue.

The shipment or delivery due date will be read from the item’s record.

Setting up or modifying the notification

To set it up, go to the Purchase Orders table > Options > Notifications.

On the Notifications page, choose the type of Notification, i.e., due or overdue. Both can be set up, but you would need to repeat the process.

Enter the email address of those who should receive the email notifications.

Indicate how many days before or after the due date, should the notification be sent. This is dependent on the notification type.

Compose the message. Use the placeholders if necessary.

Enabling or disabling the notification

Indicate if the notifications should be sent or not. This setting is what you would also use to turn the notifications on or off.