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Writing NFC Tags

Supported devices

Using the Android or iOS smartphone app, NFC tags can be programmed with arbitrary data.

Note: NFC writing is supported on iOS 13 and above.

Data source

The source of the data can either be generated by the app, fetched from existing assets or inventory IDs, or typed in manually.

Note: NFC tags can be overwritten with new data if the Locking feature is turned off.

Programming NFC tags

To program an NFC tag, tap on the Write NFC Tags menu.

After that fill out the form with your preferred settings.

Tap on the “Write To Tag” button, then approach the NFC tag.

Continue tapping Write To Tag, each time you want to program other tags based on your preference.

If you are experiencing issues programming the tag, check that the NFC tag has not been locked. Also, ensure that you tap on the Write To Tag button whenever you want to encode new data on the tag.

The correct sequence would be to first tap on the Write To Tag button, then approach the NFC tag.