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Creating Smartphone App Users

Smartphone app user Accounts

To log in to the smartphone app, you must first create a Smartphone App user account. To do so, go to the Smartphone App page.

Scroll down to the table then click on the Add A User button as shown below.

Note – smartphone app users can only log in on smartphone or tablet devices. To grant access to the web app, see the Sub-users article.

On the new page, fill in the form with the user’s details, and optionally have the app email them login instructions.

Users can log in using a username and password or from other Single Sign-On platforms such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

If Single Sign-on is required, the email address entered on the form should also be associated with the sign-on platform. Instructions on how to complete the sign-on setup will then be emailed upon submission of the form.

Granting permissions

On the same form, you can grant access to the Services, by selecting what’s needed.