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NFC Marketing Campaign Reports

NFC marketing reports, based on users’ privacy consent, include the number of taps made, their uniqueness and their trends; tap location that can be precise or approximate; and the attributes of the scanning device.

These reports can be generated for individual campaigns or for those that belong to a campaign group.

Viewing NFC Marketing Reports

To view the NFC campaign reports available in your account, from the respective Manage NFC Campaigns table, go to the individual campaign’s Action > View Reports menu option.

Alternatively, to view aggregate reports from a group, go to the Campain Groups table, then under a group’s Actions menu, go to the Reports option.

To generate custom interactive visualization reports, the option to use Power BI and Looker Studio are available.

Exporting NFC Campaign Reports

NFC campaign reports can also be exported to CSV files.

For collective reports, from the Options menu on the table, go to the Export Reports option.

For an individual campaign report, from the campaign’s Action menu, go to the Export Reports option.