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Scan NFC Tags To Spreadsheet

Scanning to the platform’s spreadsheet

Using the smartphone apps, NFC tags can be scanned to the platform’s spreadsheet. Thereafter, the spreadsheet can be populated with the rest of the data which consequently gets saved to the relevant section in the account.

To use this feature, click on Scan To Spreadsheet button, from the pages that show them.

On the new page, choose Scan To Spreadsheet from the Scanning Options.

Fill out the form, when prompted to do so.

Once you click on Start Scanning, the paired device will automatically be ready to scan.

Each scanned data will be inserted into the platform’s spreadsheet.

GPS coordinates are automatically captured if the smartphone app is allowed to do so.

The other blank cells would need to be populated manually.

Clicking on the Save button would cause the platform to edit or insert new records to the relevant table.

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