Tracking Purchase Order Items

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The platform enables you to track order items in purchase orders.

For example, you may want to know how many items were ordered, and compare them to what was and wasn’t received, the condition they were received in, who received them, and where they put them.


First, customize the Goods Received Data Capture fields so that you can collect the relevant details about the order items.

After that, go to the Deliveries > Goods Received page, then add purchase order details manually or import them from QuickBooks.

Updating Goods Received

From the web app

To update the order item status, on the same Goods Received page, find the purchase order details on the table, then click on Action > Update Goods Received.

On the new page, fill out the spreadsheet (based on your custom fields) with relevant details as desired.

From the smartphone app

From our iOS & Android apps, you can also update the status of the order items.

To do so, go to Update Purchase Order Items Received.

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