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Barcode Considerations

Ventipix Asset & Inventory Manager platform can help you generate barcodes.

Below are some considerations to bear in mind.

The scanning device

If you plan to use our iOS or Android app, review the list of supported barcode standards.

If you plan to use Bluetooth or USB scanners, consult the device’s manual on the barcode standard it supports.

The data on the barcode

Different types of barcodes, especially 1D barcodes, support different types of data and have limits on the maximum number of characters they support.

If unsure, use QR codes, as it’s flexible on the data that can be encoded, and there’s broader scanning support for them.

The source of the data

The app can generate data that goes on the barcode based on your preferences, or existing account data.

If you have existing barcodes, you can scan them in or import them along with the rest of your data.

Printing the barcodes

The preferred, and recommended way to print barcode labels is to use Avery Labels.

You can also generate and download barcodes.