Inventory Threshold Notification

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This notification type can be used for sending email alerts whenever a quantity, weight, etc, of an inventory, goes above or below a defined limit.

Setting up or modifying the notification

To set it up, go to the Manage Inventory table > Options > Notifications.

On the Notifications page, choose Threshold.

Choose who should receive the email notifications.

  • You can enter the email addresses, under the “The following email addresses” section, if the recipients are the same for all the inventories.
  • If the recipients are different for specific inventories, then you need to have their emails recorded on the inventory’s record. To do so, you need a Data Capture field with the Answer Type set to either “Email”, “Select” or “Hidden”. For “Select” or “Hidden” Answer Types, specify the email address in the Options section of the Data Capture settings. “Hidden” Answer Type, can only have one email address, whereas “Select” can have multiple emails defined, but only one will be chosen when filling out the forms.

Choose the data capture field where the quantity limits are recorded.

Choose the condition that should trigger the alert. For example, when quantity is less than the limit.

Choose the data capture field where the current quantity levels are recorded.

Compose the message. Use the placeholders if necessary.

Enabling or disabling the notification

Indicate if the notifications should be sent or not. This setting is what you would also use to turn the notifications on or off.