Customizing The Smartphone App

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These are the settings available from the Settings page (swipe left).

  • Retrieve data from last scan – when set to Yes (the default value), scanning barcodes or NFC tags will make the app fetch and populate the form fields with existing data associated with the scanned item.
  • Set Exceptions – you can choose which services should not have their data retrieved.
  • Retrieve inventory data by location – when set to Yes, the app will use the inventory ID, and the location name, to fetch matching records that will be populated on the form fields.
  • Capture GPS coordinates – when set to Yes (the default value), GPS coordinates will be recorded with each scan.
  • Cache GPS coordinates – when set to No, each GPS coordinates captured will be fresh.
  • Work Offline – if set to Yes, data will be stored on the device until synced with the web account.
  • When scanning NFC tags, read the – when set to “Payload /Message” (the default value), the app will read the main encoded data. If set to “ID / UID /Serial Number” the app will read the serial number of the tag. This is supported on Android devices only.
  • Resize images when uploading them – when set to Yes (the default value), images will be resized.
  • Search inside CSV files – when set to No, the CSV file associated with the CSV Search custom fields, will not be searched
  • Enable “X” Service – When set to No, the respective service will be hidden on the Services page
  • Enable Bulk Processing using Groups – when set to Yes, you will be prompted and asked what to do next with the associated groups
  • Delete Web App Connection – this disassociates the app from the web app. To reconnect, go to Web Apps (swipe left) > Connect To Web App