Importing CSV files

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Importing CSV files is one of the ways data can be added to your account.

Where the feature is available, click on the Add New Records > Import From CSV button.

Composing your data

Before importing the file, you need to ensure that the data conforms to what the platform expects.

Download a template, to use for structuring the data, by clicking on the “example” link.

To customize what data you want in the CSV, customize the Data Capture fields.

Verifying the data is correct

Ensure that you have set the correct delimiter that matches what your CSV file uses.

If you have set up mandatory fields in your data capture settings, ensure that the correct corresponding column in the CSV file has data in it.

Re-importing the same CSV file

Somethings to be aware of:

  • you can import CSV data that has previously been exported from the app.
  • if your Barcode/NFC Tag ID remains the same on further imports that you make, data that corresponds to it will be updated.
  • any images that have been uploaded remain intact provided that the Barcode/NFC Tag ID is the same.
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