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Smartphone App Updates

2024 Updates

May 2024

  • Added the ability to narrow down the search results output on the smartphone app
  • Added the ability to edit redirection URLs for GS1 Digital Link, QR Codes, and NFC marketing campaigns

March 2024

  • Added the ability to replace barcode and NFC identifier values
  • Fixed hidden services

February 2024

  • Added the ability to generate aging reports
  • Improved NFC writing

January 2024

  • With the custom fields, you can now display instructions on how they should be filled in.
  • Numeric values that are captured, for the same records, can be summed up or averaged. Minimum and maximum values can also be calculated.
  • Added the ability to generate statistics and view them in graphs.

2023 Updates

November 2023

  • Added the ability to set a default page that should be shown upon logging in.
  • Improved the ability to customize the app’s theme.

September 2023

  • Added the ability to scan barcodes and NFC tags, then post chat messages, regarding the scanned assets and inventories, on Microsoft Teams and Google Chat.

April 2023

  • Added the ability to create custom fields that upload document files such as PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Added the ability to scan and process two different barcodes as a single unique barcode.

February 2023

  • Added the ability to check stock levels by inventory location, inventory ID, or both.

January 2023

  • Added new action fields for search results.
  • Improved inventory adjustments to support fixed or variable amounts. This feature can also now be switched on and off.
  • Added a new custom field to capture an authorizer.

2022 Updates

November 2022

  • It’s now possible to make inventory adjustments by indicating whether a specific, entire, or variable amount should be adjusted.
  • It’s now possible to view the inventory items associated with Goods Dispatched.

October 2022

It’s now possible to check off purchase order items and export such data.

August 2022

Experimental features:

– In addition to camera scanning, there’s now some support for using inbuilt scanners for Zebra, Honeywell, and Sonim devices.

– It’s also possible for the app to receive broadcast intents from apps that issue them.

* On the app Swipe left > Scanning Methods.

June 2022

The inventory bundles feature now supports barcode scans to filter and set quantities.

Images and other media can now be saved offline and synced when an Internet connection is available.

Added support for Single Sign-on using either Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

You can now set the data capture forms to be submitted automatically after scanning the main item’s barcode or NFC tag.

The app can now generate sequential item identifiers if barcodes or NFC tags are not available.

April 2022

Added the ability to scan and extract data attributes from GS1 Scan4Transport QR codes or Datamatrix barcodes.

February 2022

Added the ability to scan GS1 Digital Link QR codes.

January 2022

Added the ability for barcodes or NFC tags that follow the GSI standard to be scanned then the found application identifiers used populate custom fields.

2021 Updates

June 2021

Added the ability for barcode scans or NFC taps, from the smartphone app, to be searched on the web app.

March 2021

Added new custom fields for document scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), key & value paired dropdowns, NFC Serial or Payload reading, and Dynamic Dropdowns.

January 2021

Added the ability to track and manage costings.

2020 Updates

August 2020

From iOS 13, added support for NFC writing, and more NFC reading which includes UIDs and support for ISO15693, FeliCa, MIFARE tags, and some RFID tags.

June 2020

Added new custom fields that enable you to capture multiple images, and short audio or video recordings.

Added easy access to an item’s history or reports when filling out the forms

May 2020

Improved inventory location search on the smartphone app.

January 2020

Added a new data capture field that enables you to search for addresses using Google Places.